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Personal Data Protection

November 2021

Basic information:

  • To process your data, we use only legal ways, we do that professionally and with an emphasis on the sensitivity of the entire process
  • Your personal data are stored in secured information system
  • All persons coming into contact with your personal data are duly instructed to handle them in a legal way and are bound with secrecy
  • We collect only those data that are necessary to meet the purpose you have contacted us for
  • You have the right to ask to have the data erased anytime, either by email, in writing or in person
  • Your approval is clear and free, and you can withdraw it anytime

Who collects your personal data?

Your personal data stores the administrator of a website www.flow-ing.eu – Company Flow-Ing s.r.o. (Laborecká 10, Humenné 066 01, ID:  46 650 041), through this website.

What data, what purpose for and on what legal basis are the data stored?

By completing this form, you agree to have your personal data collected by company Flow-Ing s.r.o. The following data are considered to be personal data: name, surname, phone number, email address (hereinafter „Personal data“), and these are provided by you as a manifestation of your free will.

Company Flow-Ing s.r.o., the administrator, collects only those personal data of its clients that are necessary to meet their obligations expected by the client who is interested in the service. It collects personal data from its clients in the range necessary to provide its services.

The Client provides his personal data to the Administrator, as a gesture of his free will, for the purpose which meets his obligations arising from the presented service and further communication.

Flow-Ing company registers and processes your personal data with the purpose to deliver the requested services, if:

  • You use certain self-services and contact forms,
  • You send us requests or provide us with feedback,
  • You sign in to receive our newsletter
  • You provide us with any type of personal data through our website.
Company flow-Ing s.r.o. registers only those personal data which are necessary for the purpose of provision of services you asked for/are interested in (your name, surname, company name, e-mail address or address).

The purpose for the data processing is:

  • Confirmation of your interest in our services, through e-mail,
  • Administrator’s marketing through sending the newsletters,
  • Elaboration of a price quotation, in case the client asked to have it prepared,
  • Provision of personal data to the third party, if this is the reason why the client has contacted Flow-Ing s.r.o. company and has explicitly agreed to have his personal data provided to the third party.

Furthermore, company Flow-Ing collects data on how you use our website, including your IP address, to accumulate and analyse knowledge and information to create a complex picture of our customer. This knowledge is used to adjust in what way are our services provided to our clients.

Company Flow-Ing does not store any information on payment methods, such as debit/credit cards numbers, bank account numbers, etc.

Company Flow-Ing does not store your personal data further, it does not provide it or process it in any way, if not mutually agreed otherwise in advance.

Processing of your personal data is necessary to meet the given purpose and starting from 25. 5. 2018 it is based on article 6 sec. 1 letter a) of the General data protection regulation („GDPR“, regulation of EU 2016/679). Your personal data could be processed, if company Flow-Ing finds it necessary, to meet the legal commitments or regulatory obligations (starting from 25.5.2018 in compliance with article 6 sec. 1 letter c) of GDPR).

You have the right to withdraw your approval/consent with the data processing anytime, without having the legality of the data processing based on the previous consent affected.

Where are the data stored and where are they handed over to?

Your personal data are stored on servers within EU.

More detailed information on the administrator and recipients of the personal data: Flow-Ing s.r.o. (Laborecká 10, Humenné 066 01, Slovakia) is the administrator of personal data and is responsible for their protection.

Company Flow-Ing s.r.o. has adopted adequate technical, organizational and personnel measures, responsible for the method how the personal data are being processed, while taking into consideration mainly usable technical means, confidentiality and importance of processed personal data, as well as the range of potential risks, which are likely to disrupt the safety or functionality of its information systems.

Other authorized third parties could ask to get the access to your personal data or to store them, only if it is being required by the local laws. Company Flow-Ing s.r.o. is limiting the access of the third parties to these data.

Retention time

Your personal data shall be stored only for the time necessary to meet the set purposes. In case a legal or disciplinary action is commenced, your personal data could be stored for its duration, including the time of appealing. After its termination, data shall be erased or archived.

Personal data shall not be stored in a form allowing your identification longer than it is necessary to meet the purpose the data were collected and processed for or how it is defined in valid legal provisions on time period for data storing.

How to get hold of your personal data?

In compliance with valid legal provisions you have the right, among other things (based on conditions defined by valid legal provisions): (i) to check whether and in what way has the Flow-Ing company accessed your personal data and to ask for the copies of these data, (ii) to ask for correction, update or erasing of imprecise personal data and to erase data collected in conflict with valid requirements, (iii) to ask Flow-Ing company to limit the collection, processing or use of personal data, (iv) in certain circumstances to discredit reasons for personal data processing, and (v) to ask for their portability.

In case of complaints in relation to personal data processing, you have the right to file a claim to a relevant Supervisory body.